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Wireless Expense Management


The Simplified Guide

Wireless Expense Management (WEM)

Day-to-day management of wireless devices is a real challenge for organizations today
as the demand for flexibility and accessibility increases. 

It can be a real demanding task to keep track of:

  • All the wireless devices in your company
  • Top users and zero-usage devices
  • Cost verification and long reporting processes

This Simplified Guide to Wireless Expense Management will get you started. 

What is WEM? ePaper


What is Wireless Expense Management?


WEM complementing TEM


Automating to help you with WEM


WEM - the heart of your digital transformation


Fixing your wireless inventory management


Final steps in taking care of your WEM

What is WEM?

WEM stands for Wireless Expense Management, which you may have also heard referred to as mobile expense management or mobility expense management. Each of these terms mean the same thing.

Implementing wireless expense management in your organization allows you to keep track of everything that has to do with mobile devices, corporate plans and contracts, usage, all associated expenses in order to keep an accurate inventory. 

WEM as a solution helps companies avoid the hassle that comes with enterprise mobility, and focus on more important components of running a business.

WEM is built to:

  • Significantly reduce wireless costs
  • Seek out new operational efficiencies
  • Bring cost and usage visibility
  • Provide IT managers and employees alike with the control they need over their mobile voice and data services

Some of the areas where you’ll see major improvements are:

  • Better mobile rate plans
  • Cost transparency and billing discrepancies
  • Zero-usage devices and their retirement

When you consider an all-inclusive solution, such as Cimpl, look for the WEM provider that offers a variety of options that can serve all of your Telecom and IT expense management needs.  Choosing the right platform can be the difference between having all of your data and assets managed for you in one solution, or in ten solutions. To learn more about taking back control of your wireless costs and how WEM can improve your organizational structure, take a look at our free “What is Wireless Expense Management?” ePaper. You’ll get a detailed understanding of what WEM can do and how mobility expense management is beneficial to your business.


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What is WEM?

WEM Complementing TEM

WEM programs are a special category of Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Their goals are similar as they both aim to reduce costs, establish new operational efficiencies, increase visibility, and provide better control for mobile voice and data services. WEM however, because of the nature of the mobile device, is often associated to a person, it offers increase cost awareness and gives users visibility on their spend, in addition to giving them the opportunity to manage those spends; and even benchmark their usage and spend with others.

3 advantages of having TEM and WEM in the same system:

  1. Use one system to manage multiple service types. 
  2. You get a better TEM deal when you acquire a software that offers you TEM and WEM.
    In fact, 30% of large TEM deals are packaged in other deals and bundles.
  3. Users can take action on their assigned services whether it is TEM or WEM

To learn more about TEM, check out our Simplified Guide to Telecom Expense Management or our TEM ePaper and learn everything you need to know!

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What is TEM? ePaper

How Automation can Help you With WEM

Automation and wireless expense management go hand-in-hand. With almost everyone today owning smartphones, companies are now having to manage endless bills, contracts and offers, it’s reflected in the workplace.  Automation is a key step on the way to a good wireless expense management solution.  It is a life-saver for IT managers and employees drowning in paperwork, struggling to manage mobility assets.

So how does automation work? When you automate your wireless management processes it is much simpler to manage large volumes of orders for phones. You can also get instant visibility on usage and costs outliers by producing reports that list who are the top users or when costs are out of line. Wireless expenses are can be quite unpredictable, because of user behaviours but with the automation of workflows, WEM makes it practically impossible to lose track of wireless expenses and assets. 

In other words, automating mobility is about saving time and money as well as keeping an accurate inventory.

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WEM – The Heart of your Digital Transformation

WEM is the ideal solution if you are facing certain challenges such as business mobility, which is necessary for your company.

Some challenges that companies face with business mobility are:

  • Usage Data: First, you need to be able to collect all the data for every mobile device, no matter its nature. The more devices there are, the more complicated it is to track all the data produced by them. Unfortunately, this leads more often than not to increased expenses, something no company wants.
  • Contracts Reference: Second, we often notice that wireless phone contracts are not adapted to the needs and the usage that the company requires. You could face surcharges yet again.
  • Compliance Policy: Also, if your company provides mobile devices for your employees, you have to be sure to stay usage-compliant with the established norms and policies between the company and its employees.

WEM is an integral part of technology expense management, and and it grows more and more with companies experiencing a complete digital transformation.


See how this manufacturer reaped 175% in ROI savings with Wireless Expense Management. Their Site Manager had been tasked with taking over the wireless management for North America and needed to gain control of the expenses. The day-to-day activities of managing the wireless fleet was becoming a full-time endeavor.  Continue the story here>>

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Fixing your Wireless Expense Management

Getting a hold of your wireless inventory can seem like a daunting task. To make thing easier, here are 3 easy steps you can take to fix your wireless inventory management problems:

  1.  Accurate telecom inventory management
  2.  Efficient reporting tool
  3.  Automation of chargeback files

Having all data centralized also facilitates the management of the entire wireless inventory. As well with a summary of each month’s invoices available to employees that let them know when their invoices are available for review. This feature also allows managers to track actions, verify the accuracy of statements, communicate directly with vendors for reconciliation, and monitor costs. Following the same line of thought, we automate the creation of chargeback files to offer a better perspective to IT managers about the costs and fees of each department’s mobile device usage. The automation of this process makes this task less time consuming and the results are more reliable than manual processing.

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Final Steps in Taking Care of WEM

Are you ready to take the next step in WEM? Great! We suggest that you look more into a TEM solution that will complement your mobility management needs.

Check out the Simplified Guide to Telecom Expense Management for more information on TEM. Or if you’re feeling ready, why not request a free demo? And feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about how WEM can be advantageous for you.

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