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Monthly Training Webinars

Learn how to make the most of your Cimpl platform

Every First Thursday of the month at 2pm ET.

Cimpl takes extra steps to bring you more than just telecom expense management. In order to showcase those value-adding features, we're bringing you a series of monthly Cimpl training webinars so you can use your platform to its full potential.

  • Discover  features that you may not currently be using. 
  • Learn best practices and power-user tips to help you as an admin.
  • Follow the how-to instructions while using the platform.

Access the webinar schedule for 2019 for more details.

30 minutes
30 minutes is all it takes. Tune in from the comfort of your computer.
Best Practices
We show you Best Practices so you can make the most of you platform.
Ask your questions
Ask your questions and get them answered in real time by our experts.
Maryse Lespérance
Maryse Lespérance
Team Lead, Customer Support
Patricia Turchyn
Patricia Turchyn
Adoption Specialist

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