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Partner Qualified Opportunity Registration

Register your Opportunities

The purpose of the partner opportunity registration program is to eliminate partner conflict, protect partner interests, and provide additional discounts for registering a qualified NET NEW opportunity with Cimpl. This will enable Cimpl to assist you, the partner,  in the customer education of the platform and help you close the opportunity successfully.

Benefits to registering opportunities are:

  • Competitive pricing advantage
  • Sales support earlier in the cycle
  • Opportunity protection

Just a Simple Registration Process

The process to register an opportunity is “simple.”  It is important to register only qualified opportunities. This form enables Cimpl to review the opportunity and determine whether it meets our qualification criteria. Completing as much information helps facilitate the process.

Below are the steps to follow:

  1. Complete the Partner Opportunity Registration form below.
  2. Once received, you will be sent a notification of approval or rejection within 1 business day.
  3. A Sales Director will be assigned and will contact you to discuss the opportunity.

Download the Partner Registration Program Details.
Download a copy of the Partner Opportunity Registration Form.

For more information or if you are having technical difficulties, please contact Carrie Davis-Sydor our VP of Sales and Alliances .

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