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Cimpl Webinar On Demand: 
Dashboards & Role-Based Access 

Access the webinar on demand. 

In order to get a visual display of data, organizations will request data from their TEM vendors. They often receive the data in an excel format and must  create graphics to help understand and share the information. Cimpl does it for you.

This 30-minute webinar will give you all the details on our Dashboard module and Role-Based Access. Some of the key take-aways will include:

  • At-a-glance visual representation of data.
  • How to easily compare spending trends.
  • Keep track of the ROI generated by initiatives in the platform.
  • Detect over-usage, cost spikes, and other irregularities.
  • Employees can view their assets and what they cost.
  • Choose dashboard settings according to the information you require.

Webinar Access


Caroline LeBrun, Marketing Director
Monico Flores, Solutions Specialist