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Free Oil and Gas eReport is available now!If you’re in the energy industry, cost rationalization has become more important than ever. Good news: IT and telecom expense management (TEM) will get you huge savings by optimizing your IT and telecom spend.

Remember: Good solutions save you 5-30% in telecom expenses.

You’ll see how managing IT and telecom costs gives energy companies sustainable, recurring cost savings. Read “Telecom and IT Cost Cutting Initiatives for the Energy Industry” to see how we saved an oil field service company $200,000 in one year. Here is what you'll learn:

  1. Hard dollar savings – identified over $150,000 in annualized charges from billing errors and zero usage devices;
  2. Recouped costs from better inventory accuracy – realized $10,000 in annualized charges spent on unmonitored items; and
  3. Time savings – freed up over $50,000 in annual IT employee work time.

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